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At Coombe Curry Rich & Jarvis, our attorneys take pride in being active members of the community in and around Denver and across the state. Our periodic blog posts contain updates on our Denver law practice and practice areas, significant litigation and important changes in Colorado case law. Check this page regularly to stay up to date on our work with our clients and the issues that affect us all.

CCRJ New Partner: Jessica C. Stieber Firm News

CCRJ New Partner: Jessica C. Stieber

We are excited to welcome Jessica Stieber as the newest addition to the CCRJ team. Jessica has joined the firm as a partner and brings …

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Handing over house keys Estate Planning News

Avoiding Probate with a Beneficiary Deed

Is there a way I can transfer property to a loved one and avoid probate?  Yes, there is!  If you own real estate in your …

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Estate Planning News

Do I Have to Go Through Probate If I Have a Will?

Does a Will always have to be probated? The good news is that probate may not be necessary in all cases. Probate and Property Held …

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